Instonians Ladies Hockey Club

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Attacking the Victorians' circle 2nd April 2005

Final whistle on the 2004-05 season.

1st XI League Results - Intermediate Section 2

Date Opposition Result Scorer(s)
18/09/04 Lurgan 2nd XI (H) Won 1-0 Claire H
25/09/04 Victorians 3rd XI (A) Drew 2-2 Mandy, Claire H
02/10/04 Gallahers XI (H) Won 4-1 Sandra(2), Claire H, Mandy
09/10/04 Grosvenor 2nd XI (A) Won 5-2 Sandra(2), Mandy(2), Claire H
30/10/04 Ballymena 3rd XI (H) Won 2-1 Nichola B, Sandra
13/11/04  North Down 4th XI (A) Won 3-0 Wendy, Sandra(2)
27/11/04  Kilkeel 2nd XI (A) Won 2-0 Wendy, Mandy 
11/12/04 Lurgan 2nd XI (A) Drew 2-2  Mandy, Sandra
22/01/05 Gallahers XI (A) Won 3-2 Sandra, Mandy, Wendy
29/01/05 Grosvenor 2nd XI (H) Won 6-0  Maxine(2), Sandra, Mandy(2), Wendy 
19/02/05 North Down 4th XI (H) Won 2-0
Wendy, Sandra
26/02/05 Portadown 4th XI (A) Won 3-1 Mandy (2), Wendy (penalty flick) 
05/03/05  Kilkeel 2nd XI (H) Won 4-3 Mandy (2), Nichola B, Sandra 
19/03/05 Portadown 4th XI (H) Won 2-0 Wendy, Maxine 
26/03/05 Ballymena 3rd XI (A) Won 4-3 Sandra (3), Mandy 
Victorians 3rd XI (H)
Won 3-0 Mandy (2), Sandra

1st XI Intermediate Cup Competition

Date Opposition Result Scorer(s)
23/10/04 UUJ 2nd XI (A)  Won 1-0  Mandy 
04/12/04 Donaghadee XI (A) Lost 1-2 Wendy

Instonians 2nds free hit, against Carrickfergus 2nds 5th March 2005

Instonians 2nds vice-captain being tackled by Carrickfergus 2nds captain 5th March 2005.

2nd XI League Results - Junior Section 4

Date Opposition Result Scorer(s) 
25/09/04 Greenisland 4th XI (H) Lost 1-2 Claire Y
02/10/04 Civil Service 4th XI (A) Drew 0-0   
09/10/04 Derg Valley XI (H) Lost 0-2  
23/10/04 Victorians 4th XI (A) Lost 0-2  
12/11/04 Carrickfergus 2nd XI (A) Lost 0-9  
20/11/04 Lisnagarvey 4th XI (A) Lost 1-3 Leanne
27/11/04 Ballynahinch 2nd XI (H) Won 3-2 Claire Y, Nichola B, Sarah P
11/12/04 Derg Valley XI (A) Scratched  (-1 Point)
15/01/05 Victorians 4th XI (H) Won 1-0 Natalia 
22/01/05 Civil Service 4th XI (H) Lost 0-1
29/01/05 Ballynahinch 2nd XI (A) Lost 0-1  (Only 10 players)
 26/02/05 Lisnagarvey 4th XI (H) Lost 0-1   
 05/03/05 Carrickfergus 2nd XI (H) Lost 1-3 Nichola B 
 19/03/05 Greenisland 4th XI (A)  Lost 0-1  

2nd XI Junior Cup Competition

Date Opposition Result Scorer
 30/10/04 Bangor 2nd XI (H) Drew 2-2 Leanne, Nichola B

(Match was decided by penalty flicks which we lost 3-5)

2nd XI Junior Plate Competition

05/02/05 R2
Ballynahinch 2nd XI (H)
Won 1-0
19/02/05 QF
Civil Service 3rd XI (A)
Lost 0-7