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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Established in 1920, Instonians Ladies Hockey Club has a long history and we’d like it to be longer. That’s why we’re not finished recruitment! Instonians Ladies is a small friendly club with players of all experience levels and abilities. As well as a fantastic coaching team, use of a top-class pitch, the club also boasts a great social life.  We have 2 teams who play in Senior 4 and Junior 9 of the Ulster Hockey leagues and cups. If you would like to join us, please feel free to drop down to training any Tuesday evening, 6pm at Shaw’s Bridge or contact us by email at 

Background of the Club

It was in the 1920-21 season that Elsie Blair, Bea Moore, Florrie Hill & Winifred Sloan, 4 members of a tennis club linked to Instonians Rugby Club, took the steps that launched Instonians Ladies Hockey Club. At its debut the team was made up entirely of wives, sisters, daughters & girlfriends of Instonians & took on the colours of the rugby club - yellow, black & purple. The original members introduced their friends, many of whom had no previous link with Instonians, so soon the club had 3 teams plaing in the Junior League.

The 1st XI won promotion to the Intermediate League in the 1924-25 season & went on to win their section & the Belvoir Cup. Three years later, their captain Elsie Blair, led them to victory in the White Cup & a year later they entered the Senior League. The 2nd XI were also playing well & in the 1928-29 season the club had a team in each of the Senior, Intermediate & Junior Leagues. There was no Qualifying League at this time.

In the 1931-32 season Nora Campbell captained the 1st XI to win the Ulster Shield & Chris McGeagh (another member of the squad) became the first Instonian to play for Ulster at senior level with Gwen Jackson becoming the first Instonians to play for Ireland in 1947.

The club's glory years were the 1950s. The 1st XI won the Ulster Shield 5 times, the Senior League 4 times & shared the League Cup with St Dominic's Past Pupils in 1955. 1955 was the peak of Instonians success as having won the Ulster Shield they went on to bring the Irish Cup to Ulster for the first time in 23 years.

Success was not limited to the 1st XI. In 1958 the A & B teams met each other in the final of the McConnell Shield. The A team won the Qualifying League in 1959 and the B team the McConnell Shield. It was an expensive time for the Club President, Peg Murphy, who insisted on presenting each player with a special badge each time a team won a trophy. Various players from the club appeared on Ulster teams both Junior and Senior during this period and in 1953-54 Sheelagh Murnaghan & Sheila Wallis (Burrowes) played on the Irish team joined a year later by Evelyn McKee (Harper) and Shirley Lynas (Robinson). Doreen Stephens played goal for Ulster but was unfortunate not to get an Irish Cap as indeed was Maeve Fergie. In 1958-59 the already well-capped Maeve Kyle joined the club bringing the number of Instonians on the Irish team to 5 with 6 playing for Ulster. That year the club had a record 9 members of the 1st XI chosen for Ulster trials.

Sadly, from the early 60s the club started to shed some of its lustre but there were still highlights. The A team again won the McConnell Shield, Anne Laing got her first Irish Cap (1961) as did Eileen Winter (Wilson) (1971). The club celebrated their Jubilee in 1971 with a dinner attended by some of the founding members. Instonians Ladies Hockey Club members have also played their part in the affairs of the governing bodies of the sport. Doreen Stephens served for a long period as a most valued member of the UWHU Council while Peggy McAlinden, Evelyn Harper, Anne Laing & Rosalind Armstrong all served as Ulster & Irish selectors.

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